Saturday, December 21, 2013

Movie Review : Sar Chadhi Hai Dhoom Dhoom 3

Rating 3.5

The record breaking third film in the "Dhoom" series is an all in all Aamir Khan movie - who plays Sahir Khan - a thief who robs that banks not for money but for revenge. Sahir is determined to bring down the bank that was in a way the reason behind his father's suicide.

Yes, its an Aamir movie and there is a lot to be said about him but, this review must begin with applauding the movie's technical team. The technical team is always the back bone of any movie but it is rarely that their work moves from the backstage to the fore front to be noticed by the audience. It takes movies like Dhoom-3 for the audience to appreciate the magic of these back stage geniuses.

Coming back to Aamir, this movie being the third in the series is almost predictable and would not have been able to keep the audience glued to the seats without Aamir in the lead. His acting as always is flawless and his dance in "Dhoom Tap" and "Malang" ensures that you don't miss Hritik much.Of course there is Katrina in the movie who also has the power to keep the audience glued, but that is for reasons other than acting - she plays her part really well  i.e. getting the "oomph factor" to the movie. Who cares about how she acts? Am I right or am I right? :-)

Do you want me to talk about Abhishek and Uday too?  Well, they never were the stars of the series but at least they brought some humor to the first 2 movies in the series. However, in Dhoom-3 they have not been able to do even that. If the first half of the movie gets a bit boring at times, its because the the failed comic attempts by these two.To add to that, the costume designer appears to have completely ignored them and so has the director. Plus, what style statement are they trying with the "indoor goggles"  look - who wears goggles inside the airport?

The movie has already broken box office records and but there is one more thing that this movie has done really well  and that is in-movie advertising - BMW, Mountain Dew and Hallmark these are the three brands that I noticed. Did you notice any more?

Okay, now summing up - this movie is definitely a Bollywood Style Action Entertainer. Go and watch this for Aamir's acting, the stunts and acrobatics, the good music and of course Katrina.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Movie Review: What The Fish - Absolutely Tasteless

Rating  - Really?

Gurmmeet Singh’s What the Fish is an absolutely tasteless but very useful movie? Why useful? Because this gives you the chance to access the genuineness of movie reviews.  Today I judged the reviewers and not the movie. The verdict has been passed - any reviewer who gives this movie a rating higher than ½ * should not be trusted in the future.

The problem is not with the story, but with its treatment. This story could have been a successful comedy had it been treated well.  Unfortunately, it the hands of Gurmmeet Singh, it turned into a rotten fish. Are you nevertheless expecting me to brief you about the story line, the acting and the characters? Well, you will have to excuse me this time -  I have spent enough of my precious time watching this movie and I really do not wish to kill another few minutes reviewing it. Trust me, just steer clear of this one.